Elite Pools Spain offer you the following services:

Summer Service
A service offered by Elite Pools for those customers who just wish to have their pool cared for during the summer months when the pool is being used extensively by friends and family. A good option too, for those clients who may vacate the property over the summer months in order to let the property to the holiday market.

Prices will vary and be higher than a year round contract. Please enquire online for a quote.

Green to Clean
Do you have green pool? Would you like it turned back from green to clean? Elite Pools are happy to offer this service to any customer who has unfortunately found themselves with a green pool and wishes it turned back into a clean and hygienic swimming pool. Please remember it is not necessary to empty your pool and refill it just because your pool has gone green. Prices from 90€ upwards

NB: This service does take 2 or 3 visits, normally over the same amount of days to achieve the final result. Costs dependant on the size of the pool, number of visits and amount of products needed.

Sand Change
Over time the sand in your filter will become ‘tired’ and the filtration effects will lessen. This can lead to a pool that never quite seems to clear properly and may appear slightly foggy. Therefore it is suggested that roughly every 5 – 7 years a sand change is a good measure in order to insure the correct and proper filtration of your swimming pool. Elite Pools are happy to undertake this routine maintenance for you.

Prices will vary according to the size of the sand filter and type of sand used. Prices from 85€ upwards.

The swimming pool is prepared for the winter months with a dosage of special products, prior to turning the system off and usually accompanied by the installing of the winter pool cover. Elite Pools can undertake this on your behalf. Prices will vary according to size of pool. Please enquire online for a quote.

Products & Accessories
All manner of products and accessories you could possibly want for your swimming pool, from chlorine tablets to a pool cover. Elite Pools are happy to advise or provide for whatever you may need.

Please enquire online for products and prices.


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